This page is where I will feature some of my favorite photographs, slideshows, and other multimedia. My interest in photography is relatively recent and really took off when the world became digital. The control and composition afforded by the digital darkroom can make anyone look like a serious photographer. Still, I believe there is an art to composition, and the eye of an artist makes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.


multimedia presentations (glorified slideshows) that I've made over the years:

latest galleries

Tigers - 2009
Meet Maggie!
Kirk in the Hills Aug 2008
Cranbrook Gardens June 2008
Detroit Zoo- Me & Max
Eldon's 8th Birthday!
Downtown 'D on a Friday
Phoebe Cat 2008
Dream Cruise Select 2007
Christmas 2007
New Year's Eve 2007
July 4th Fireworks!
meet lily! (New Kitten)

old travelogues

puerto vallarta 2002
colorado 2001
maui 2000
caribbean cruise 1999